Satellite Conferencing

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For meetings involving a larger group, or for those taking place in venues with little or no connectivity, satellite video conferencing is the ideal solution.

Drawing on years of conference experience, coupled with unparalleled expertise in broadcast quality video, Vue Entertainment and AP Events come together to offer support in every aspect of the video conference medium - from the venue to technical direction.

Satellite conferencing

A satellite video conference can take many forms:

  • One speaker presenting to many receive sites
  • One site presenting to multiple locations; questions coming back from the remote sites
  • Presentations from many sites to many sites

Add to the basic meeting structure a variety of value added services to enhance the conference experience:

  1. Audience response system to get instant input from local and remote audience's
  2. Power point presentations
  3. Video inserts
  4. Webstreaming
  5. Integration with codec video conferencing systems
  6. High definition quality video production and broadcast

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